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Botox / Dysport

At MetrovanAntiaging / Richmond Cosmetics Dr.Singhal injects Botox / Dysport for achieving and maintaining a more youthful appearance. Classic areas injected are the frown lines also known as the “elevens” “11” vertical lines between the eyebrows.

Dermal Filler

We are pleased to provide a soft lift experience with full facial effects. We inject cheeks, temples, brow lift, forehead, tear troughs, jaw line, chin, nose, lateral mouth, lips with excellent cosmetic results. Dr.Singhal has performed upper eyelid hollow filler injections and neck lines.


At MetrovanAntiaging / Richmond Cosmetics Dr.Singhal injects Belkyra to dissolve away the “double chin” or submental fat. This is an excellent non surgical tool to get rid of the double chin.


Intense Pulsed Light therapy (IPL), is a gentle, non-invasive  procedure that can be customized to your skin type—for hair removal and photo rejuvenation treating age spots, sun damage, rosacea, facial veins and more.You are just a phone call away from revealing a new you.


I had a lunchtime nose job and love it. Excellent nasal bridge! My plastic surgeon asked me to see Dr. Singhal. I recommend the work to anyone.
K. L.


I’ve had upper eye hollow work done as well as cheeks, forehead, chin, lateral mouth and eyebrow lift. I’ve had neck lines and neck hydration done. I’ve also had Dysport for jaw slimming. I’m in my 40’s, looking more youthful and feeling great.


I’ve had filler work done in my cheeks, under eyes, tear troughs, chin, marionette lines plus Dysport in my forehead, frown lines and laugh lines. I started in my late 60’s and look 15 years younger! I highly recommend Dr. Singhal.
G. K.


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