Dr. Singhal’s experience in cosmetic procedures and treatments began with compounding Dermatological Creams and Ointments in the 1980’s.  He started his medical training in the area of medical dermatology as a medical intern and during his residency and completed Dermatology Elective Training at the University of Alberta and the UBC Vancouver Skin Care Centre near the time Botox was discovered there.  He continues to regularly attend training sessions and conferences to ensure that his skills and techniques remain cutting edge.

Dr. Singhal has now been providing Cosmetic Dermatology services for almost 20 years.  He provides medical therapies to improve cosmetic and aesthetic appearances to allow for a younger, refreshed cosmetic appearance.  He is designated as a regional provider for therapeutic Botox. He uses Botox for diminishing cosmetic wrinkles, excessive sweating, and chronic migraines.  He also uses advanced techniques of needles and micro cannulae after years of layered training in the field of Aesthetic Dermatology.

Dr. Singhal has greatly enjoyed the satisfaction of his patients over the years helping them look more youthful, refreshed, vibrant and beautiful.